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Projects wellcome!

If you need a SW Engineer with extensive experience in linux, scripting, C, C++ and low-level programming, please email me!

Career Summary

I am an experienced real time software developer, educated to Masters level in Telecommunications Engineering. I have eight years of work experience in projects directly related to the telecom business, mainly as a developer, but also in activities ranging from research, testing and support, to commissioning engineering. I have been consulting in several telecom companies in Europe during the last eight years, in Embedded, Real Time and Distributed Systems.


Nokia Networks GmbH Software Engineer Consultant

Dusseldorf, Germany, since October 2000

BTS development for GSM, GPRS, WCDMA, WiMax and LTE. Development and Testing.

PDH/SDH cross connect and PDH Point to Point Microwave Radio Link. Porting of the application software from a MC68302 based system to an MPC850 system; design and implementation of State Machines to control new functionality; design and implementation of a boot strategy; implementation of driver for new ASIC; ASIC testing to locate major defect which prevented the product from working.

Alcatel BEL, Software Engineer Consultant

Antwerp, Belgium May 1999 - October 2000

Project is a backbone IP-switch. Implementation of Hardware Shielding Layer to access ASICs and other board components; File System driver; Test Cases for production testing.

Switching Test Solutions,Telecom Consultant

Zurich, Switzerland, July 1998-April 1999

Development and support of testing systems, both distributed and standalone, covering all major telecom signalling protocols.

LEP, Laboratoire d'Electronique Philips Telecom Research, Thesis

Paris, France April 1996 - August 1996

Digital Subscriber Loop modem (VDSL) technology; programming of a simulation software (using C++ in a Solaris environment) to evaluate the performances of several equalizers designs in terms of BER.

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